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Residential Safes

Residential Safes

For one of the best ways to protect your family’s precious items at home, take a look at SafeWorld ®’s residential security containers. These safes offer the following protective features:

  • UL-certified residential security container (RSC)
  • UL-certified electronic lock
  • One-hour factory fire protection
  • Large 1” diameter chrome-plated steel bolts and force-resistive handle
  • 1.5”-thick construction body 
  • 1.7”-thick construction door
  • 1/2”-thick ballistic steel plate within the container’s door for protection from frontal attacks
  • 1/4”-thick ballistic steel plate within the body of the container for protection from side attacks
  • Full composite construction from high-quality barrier material that’s surrounded by heavy steel plates
  • Sophisticated spring-loaded relocking system that activates and locks when attacked
  • High-quality 30 mm diameter heavy-duty hinges
  • One shelf included (extra shelves optional)
Residential safe dimensions

Please note that there are other models available if you want something smaller. These models include RSC 1317-S, RSC 1713-S, RSC 2113-S, RSC 2517-S. They are shorter versions of their respective models, but they have all the same dimensions aside from depth, which is 3 inches smaller.

Keep in mind the depth dimensions for all models do not include their hinges, locks, or handles. However, you can get an idea of their depth by adding an extra two inches to the listed depth dimensions.

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