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Custom Luxury Safes

We proudly carry the INKAS® Luxury Line… where elegance meets protection. Their luxury safes are custom built to your suit your style and security needs. Our elegant interiors use a range of high quality materials including exotic woods, leather, chrome, and polished stainless steel finishes. We offer a variety of colour and can mix custom colours if requested. We also offer a variety of features including various lock configurations, internal compartments, drawers, shelves, and much more.

The idea of opulence becomes a reality with INKAS®’ hand crafted safes.

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Options Available

  • Custom shelves, drawers, and compartments
  • Custom lock configurations
  • Interior lighting
  • Custom interior finishing including exotic woods, fabrics, and colours
  • Custom exterior finishing including mirrored steel, and custom colours
SafeWorld Custom Luxury Safes
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