Gun Safes for Sale in Canada

Amsec® BF® Series Gun Safes for Sale

Responsible gun owners know that the best way to protect their firearms from theft or misuse is to keep them in a gun safe. When installed by professionals, these armored strongboxes can protect everything contained within from any unauthorized or forced entry. With such a wide variety of models in our store to choose from, you’re sure to find one that meets all your needs. A SafeWorld® professional can help you find a model that has everything you’re looking for, and answer any questions you may have about it. All consultations are considered confidential.

Gun safes in Canada are some of the finest in the market, and the ones you’ll find at SafeWorld® are no exception. Our Amsec® BF® Series combines elegance with utility, and colors to fit the décor in any home. When looking to purchase your gun safe, consider the following:

  • Appearance: This includes both the size and the color. When choosing size, think about not only the size of the guns you currently own, but any you plan to own in the future. If you plan to only keep handguns, then really any size should work, but it would be a shame to purchase a gun and find that it won’t fit in your safe.
  • Lock Type: Choose your lock type based on who your safe is meant to keep out. If it is only to keep your guns away from children, a basic lock will do fine, but keeping thieves out will require a bit more sophistication.
  • Additional Features: With plenty of accessories to choose from, SafeWorld® offers you the freedom to customize your safe to fit your exact specifications. Your safe can be fire-resistant, have lights installed, or even have a dehumidifier equipped.

Product Details

Amsec® gun safes for sale

BF7250 Shown in Textured Black with Chrome Hardware and Optional ESL10XL Electronic Lock

BF7240 in Burgandy

BF7240 in Burgundy Metallic with Optional Light Kit, StorIt-Cabinets and StorIt-PDO

BF6636 in Charcoal Metallic

BF6636 in Charcoal Metallic with Black Nickel hardware and Optional ESL10XL Electronic Lock

BF6030 in Charcoal-Granite

BF6030 in Two-Tone Charcoal-Granite

BF6032 in Pearl White

BF6032 in Pearl White

with standard PDO


  • Customized interiors
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Fire resistance for up to two hours
  • Manufacturer rated TRTL-60x6
  • Sophisticated glass relocking system that activates massive relockers when a breach is attempted
  • Interlocking bolts inside reinforced bolt chambers
  • Best quality adjustable hinges of almost any gun safe for sale
  • Manufacturer rated Group 1 tamper-resistant combo lock with spy-proof dial
  • Fortified body to prevent attack from any side
  • Fully composite construction, with high-quality barrier material enclosed within ultra-strong steel alloy plates
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