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Are you thinking about purchasing a safe? Do you want to get it installed by a professional? Are you also worried about finding a company that can move it to your home or business in Alberta? Well, there’s a simple solution: let SafeWorld® do the heavy lifting! We have the equipment and personnel for safe delivery and installation in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. We can also deliver and move safes purchased from sources other than SafeWorld®. So buy the safe you need; then call us in Edmonton locally or toll free for delivery and installation. We have the right equipment to make the move!


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Professional & On-Site Safe Installation

Safes are generally very large and heavy, so let us save you the trouble and worry of installing your new purchase! Once you have purchased a safe from SafeWorld®, our technicians can transport and install it in the location you have chosen. Most importantly, if your safe is poorly installed, it can become vulnerable to damage and theft. That’s why you want a professional on-site during installation, especially when you have a commercial safe installed! Whether you want your safe installed in a basement, upstairs closet, garage or office, the SafeWorld® technicians can get the job done. We have been providing safe installation services in Edmonton and surrounding areas for over 25 years.

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What’s more, we will also take the time to teach you proper safe maintenance and operation during the installation of your personal or commercial safes. Schedule an appointment with us!

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