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Get a Fireproof Safe Installed in Edmonton Today

Out fire safes offer unprecedented fire resistance technology to give you peace of mind, and incredible protection in the event of a fire. Get a fireproof vault or fireproof safe installed in your Edmonton home and office! The durable construction and sophisticated moisture pocket insulation technology allow it to carry a UL Class 350 1-hour fire rating.

Customize your safe to fit your commercial or residential needs! SafeWorld® safes come with a variety of features and color options to choose from. The only difficult part will be deciding which safe works best for you. For example, do fireproof safes or burglary safes best fit your needs? Before making the final decision, make sure to take the following 3 factors into consideration:

The size/capacity of the safe: The type of safe you buy will depend on where you want it installed and what you want to store in it. The best option for determining the right size is to measure the largest object you want to keep stored, and go from there.

Location of the safe: Knowing how much space you have available in your home or business will help determine which safe works best for you. Be sure to take door widths and heights into consideration.

Degree of protection: SafeWorld® offers a variety of safes which employ different security measures. You might need a fireproof safe, or a safe which protects against burglary. We offer both, so schedule a consultation, and we can help you determine which one best fits your needs!



  • UL Class 350 1-hour fire rating

  • Heavy-gauge satin-coated steel with anti-rust treatment

  • Insulation – millions of moisture pockets between the walls of the safe

  • Heavy-duty hinges

  • Sargent & Greenleaf 6730 key-change combination lock

  • 3/4” locking bolts (2)

  • Adjustable shelf on most models

  • Heavy-duty caster base: GX-1, GX-2, GX-3, GX-4

Find the best selection of safes in the area, with SafeWorld®, the easy choice. Contact us today to schedule a confidential consultation and get started!

Colour Options

Creamy Beige

Creamy Beige



Satin Black

Satin Black

MODEL #Interior Dimensions(in.)Exterior Dimensions(in.)Interior(ft3)Weight(lb.)Shelves
FP241817 1/215 1/212 1/22418 1/218 1/22.121801
FP292122 3/818 1/215 3/82921 1/221 1/23.922451
FP392632 1/423 1/220 3/83926 1/226 1/29.364452
FP602642 1/223 1/220 3/850 1/226 1/226 1/212.295553
FP60265020206026 1/226 1/211.588803


The following is an explanation of the Underwriters Laboratories fire-resistant container testing procedures on the Class 350F, one-hour and Class 350F two-hour fire labels.

U.L Label/Class 350F-one hour and Class 350F-two hour - The safe will maintain an interior temperature less than 350F when exposed to fire for a period of one hour at 1700F or for a period of two hours at 1850F. Safe must successfully undergo all other requirements for the Fire Endurance Test, Explosion Hazard Test and the Fire/Impact Test as stated below.

Fire Endurance Test

After heat sensors and paper are placed inside the safe, the unit is locked and exposed to a uniformly distributed fire. The furnace is regulated to reach a maximum temperature of 1700F for a period of one hour, or 1850F for two hours and then allowed to cool without being opened. The interior temperature is recorded throughout the test and during the cooling period until a definite drop is shown and must never exceed 350F.

Once cooled, the unit is opened and examined for usability. The unit’s locking mechanisms and part fastenings are examined for security, and the interior is examined for visible evidence of undue heat transmission.

Explosion Hazard Test

The safe is locked and placed into a furnace preheated to 2000F. This temperature is maintained for 30 minutes (45 minutes in case of 2-hour test) and if no explosion results, the unit is allowed to cool without opening the furnace doors.


Once cooled, the unit is opened and examined for usability. The unit’s locking mechanisms and part fastenings are examined for security, and the interior is examined for visible evidence of undue heat transmission.

Fire Impact Test (Manufacturers Option)

After the explosion hazard test, the safe is removed from the furnace and within two minutes is dropped 30' onto a riprap of brick on a heavy concrete base. After impact the unit is examined for deformation, rupture of parts, damaged insulation and any other openings into the interior of the unit. Once cooled, the unit is inverted and reheated to 1550F for a period of 30 minutes (2 hour test: 45 min. at 1638F).

Once cooled, the unit is opened and examined for usability. The unit’s locking mechanisms and part fastenings are examined for security, and the interior is examined for visible evidence of undue heat transmission.

After Trying Most of the Other Locksmiths in Town You Just Got All of My Business

Contrary to what others have said, for the price of an actual locksmith to cut a key, Dial Locksmith/SafeWorld® is one of the cheaper in Edmonton: not compared to Home Depot or Lowes of course. However, their expertise and proper equipment has always made sure I got the exact lock, exact key or the exact product I needed. When I needed to replace a cheap dollar store lock with a better tubular lock, Dial had the right product for less money than the competition. When I needed a part of a cabinet door lock, Leslie at Dial had the experience to know exactly what I was looking for. You don't get that kind of journeyman locksmith experience and knowledge from a clerk at the home store no matter how much the home store employee wants to help you. Thank you Leslie; after trying most of the other locksmiths in town, you just got all of my business.


- Brendan F.

Best Place!

Best place in Edmonton for all your locksmith needs!


- Monz

Well-equipped Shop

Well-equipped shop and very knowledgeable staff! Certainly high-end pricing but good equipment!


- Alberta I.

Less than Half the Price of Competition

They fixed my safe for less than half the price of competition.


- Malcom S.

The Convenience Is Worth It to Me

For all your lock needs, prices can be a bit high for key cuts but they stock everything! The convenience is worth it to me.


- Aaron L.

Great Service

Great service! I had a broken safe door, and they fixed it quickly, were very knowledgeable, and gave good advice. I would bring any lock problems here.


- Brendan T.

Would Definitely Recommend This Locksmith

I bought two Honda transponder keys off eBay hoping to find a locksmith in Edmonton that would be able to cut and program them. After calling around, Dial quoted me $20 for cut and program for each key. Both keys worked flawlessly, and the service was helpful and friendly. Would definitely recommend this locksmith! I paid $26.50 per key for cost of key, cut and programming after all was said and done. Considering Honda wants $50 just for the key, save yourself some money and buy off eBay and take to these guys. Will definitely be going to them in the future for my locksmith needs!


- Mike R.

By Far the Best Locksmiths I Have Dealt with

By far the best locksmiths I have dealt with! They are fast, personable, knowledgeable and exceptionally easy to deal with. I would highly recommend this company to everyone.


- Kevin C.

I Am Extremely Impressed with the Safe Knowledge and Service

I have purchased both a business safe and a home safe from SafeWorld®, and I am extremely impressed with their safe knowledge and service. The delivery was handled with care and expertise. Thank you SafeWorld®!


- Anonymous


Protect Your Documents and Valuables in a Fireproof Safe.


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