Whether hunting in the wilderness or shooting at a range, nothing can beat the thrill of pulling the trigger of your gun and perfectly nailing your target. However, one little mistake could turn the excitement into a tragedy.

It’s important to live by all the rules of gun safety. Although doing so may not seem desirable at first, it can definitely lead to more excitement in the end with no regrets after your shooting experience. Here are the top ten rules that you should never disregard.

1. Know your firearm. 

Every firearm is different, and each one may require a different method of carrying or handling. Before you head out on your shooting adventure, be sure to familiarize yourself with the gun you’ll be using. Refer to the instruction manual for specific information.

2. Always point your gun in a safe direction.

The simple rule is that if you don’t want to shoot it, don’t point your gun towards it. In between shots, keep your firearm pointed down, and keep track of where your muzzle is pointing at all times.

3. Keep your finger off the trigger.

When you’re not shooting, do not put your finger on the trigger. Keep your finger on the trigger guard or the side of the gun. Your finger could easily slip, causing you to shoot when you weren’t expecting to.

4. Keep the gun unloaded.

Your gun should not be loaded until you are actually going to use it. You want to prevent your gun going off accidentally, particularly if children and others were to get a hold of it.

5. Know your target.

Before you shoot, don’t just identify your target; be fully aware of the area around and beyond it. Do not fire toward where people could be endangered! This includes barriers or solid surfaces that could cause the bullet to ricochet. When firing at a noise or movement, be completely sure you know what it is.

6. Use the right ammunition.

Using the wrong ammunition for your type of gun could not only damage your gun but also injure you seriously. Examine each cartridge before you put it in your gun because wet or damaged ammunition can be dangerous.

7. Wear eye and ear protection.

You probably know that noise from shooting can seriously damage your hearing and you should protect your ears. But did you know that eye protection is just as important? Shooting glasses prevent damage from target chips, falling shot and other potential dangers.

8. Maintain and clean your gun.

Make sure your gun gets regular inspection and service. Regular cleaning is also important, as dirt can get in the way of the gun’s operation. When your gun is not meeting its full functionality, don’t be afraid to put it to rest.

9. Don’t trust the safety.

Setting the gun’s safety can prevent unintentional shots. Yet, unfortunately, it can easily stop working. Always follow all the gun rules, even if the safety is on.

10. Store guns properly.

When a gun is not in use, you’ll want to keep it in an incredibly safe place where it cannot accidentally go off and injure loved ones, particularly vulnerable and innocent children.

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