Follow this Simple Advice for Prescriptions

Warning: If you ignore this simple advice for prescriptions, you might regret it later.

Every year, over 100,000 visits are made to emergency rooms because of one big problem: Our children are being poisoned.

You may not believe it, but the facts are in. If you have prescription medicine in your home, your child runs the risk of becoming a part of this statistic. The number of children aged 6 and under who are unintentionally poisoned by prescription medication has been rising for the past two decades.

Protect Your Children with One Simple Solution

All you have to do to protect your children from being unintentionally poisoned by prescription drugs is lock them up. You can buy a safe today, put all your prescriptions inside, and never have to worry about your children stumbling upon your prescriptions again.

Don’t Wait until It’s Too Late

You can tell yourself that nothing will happen, that you keep your prescriptions in a safe place, or even that you don’t have anything too harmful. Yet, when you look at the numbers, prescription drugs are becoming more dangerous in your home than guns.

See, most adults perceive prescription medication as beneficial, which is perfectly normal and in most cases correct. But when you take the wrong dose or the medicine is not prescribed to you, the dangers involved can be fatal.

The real danger is how children view prescription pills. Most pills look a lot like candy to a young child, which encourages infants and toddlers to eat them. And when the danger of pills is not adequately addressed in the home, children don’t understand how dangerous it is when they do.

Be Safe and Always Lock Up Your Pills

Don’t take the risk of your children being accidently poisoned by prescription pills. Take the necessary steps to protect them from the dangerous side effects of overdosing. If you need help finding a safe that will hold all your pills and still be easy to access with the right code, call the experts here at SafeWorld® and protect the people who matter most in your life.

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