Safe And Lock Services In Edmonton

Locally owned and operated SafeWorld was established in 1993 as a division of Dial Locksmith Ltd., which has been the only locksmith in downtown Edmonton since 1966. Just like our parent company, SafeWorld takes on the challenge of protecting your treasures and valuables every day. Since 99 percent of all homes don’t have a safe, guarding your property against theft and fire is a gratifying occupation for the security professionals at SafeWorld. Visit SafeWorld Monday – Saturday to choose the right safe and delivery/installation services for your needs.

Safe Services:

When it comes time to purchase a safe for your home or business property, you want a store that will offer quality products and full installation, repair, and maintenance services. That's why SafeWorld ® is the easy choice when it comes to lock and safe in Edmonton and Sherwood Park. Through our skilled technicians, we offer a range of services to help safe owners. These services include:

Safe Installation: Once you have purchased one of our safes, our technicians can transport and install it in the location you have chosen. Safes are generally very large and heavy, so let us save you the trouble and worry of installing your new purchase! Most importantly, if your safe is poorly installed, it can become vulnerable to damage and theft. That's why you want a professional on-site during installation, especially when you have a commercial safe installed! Whether you want your safe installed in a basement, upstairs closet, garage, or office, the SafeWorld ® technicians can get the job done. What's more, we will also take the time to teach you proper maintenance and operation during the installation of your personal or commercial safes.

Safe Delivery and Moving: Are you thinking about purchasing a safe, but worried about the cost or labor of moving it? Well, there's a simple solution: Let SafeWorld ® do the heavy lifting! Our team of technicians and network of trusted locksmiths can move your safe to virtually any location. Upper floors and basements are not a problem, so give us a call and we'll help you get your Edmonton home or business property equipped with a lock and safe right away.

Safe Opening: Have you forgotten your combination and are now stressing over the question of how you'll regain access to your valuables? Don't sweat it! The SafeWorld ® team of technicians can open almost any safe through noninvasive techniques. If your commercial safe has been attacked and the relocking mechanism has been triggered, or if the safe cannot be opened for any other reason, give us a call. The best news is that we can repair any damages caused by an attack, and we can most-often do the repairs right on-site. Save yourself the stress of worrying about a locked safe, and contact us right away for professional safe services and repair in Edmonton.

Combination Change: Whether your safe is locked by an electronic or mechanical system, we can help you change the combination. We also offer services for replicating or creating keys for safes, deposit boxes, filing cabinets, and more.

Lock Change: When you need new locks installed in your safe, or you are switching from mechanical to electronic locks, call SafeWorld ® to get the job done right.

Safe Repairs: If your safe has been attacked or suffered damage from other sources, we can fix it. Most services can be performed on location, however, major repairs such as concrete patching and welding must be done at our facility.

General Maintenance: We can perform any type of general maintenance, including hinge adjustment, lubrication, and cleaning.

Whatever your safe needs may be, give SafeWorld ® a call for a helping hand. We offer safe delivery in Edmonton, and make keeping your valuables secure a priority. So, if you need to purchase a safe, or are looking for installation, repair, or maintenance services, SafeWorld ® is the easy choice. Schedule a confidential consultation today!